Applications are NOW OPEN!

Network. Innovate. Learn. Grow.

What it's all about.

If you want exclusive access to the Annual Chapter meeting, you’ve come to the right place. Eight young credit union professionals will be chosen to “crash” the 2019 UP Chapter Annual meeting on April 12-14th.
If you’re one of the elite eight you’ll not only be able to attend the regular scheduled sessions, but you’ll also get to attend private sessions with keynote speakers and CEOs!

​​​​Why you should apply.

The opportunity to "crash" is an incredible experience within its self; however, there are many reasons why over 30 young professionals from the Upper Peninsula have already participated! If chosen you will get a chance to network with professionals from all credit unions in the Upper Peninsula and access to an abundance of knowledge about the credit union industry. You'll also have fun and get some awesome SWAG along the way!

​​What we need from you.

First things first, you need to make sure it's alright with your manager that you apply and potentially take time off to be a Crasher. Next, we need you to complete the attached application. You can apply below or by downloading the PDF version, filling it out, and emailing to [email protected] Lastly, you (or your credit union) will need to provide your own transportation and hotel accommodations. 
So where do I sign up?
​​Click here to apply online for 2019 UP Crash!
Click here to download the PDF & Email it to [email protected]

2019 UP Crash Application

Credit Union
Phone Number
Shirt Size (Selected Crashers Get Free Shirts)
You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
Pretend you’re the CEO of your credit union. What are the first three changes you would make? (In 200 words or less)
What is one thing we’d be surprised to know about you?
Give us some activities/clubs/groups you are involved in outside your position.
What will you do with the awesome knowledge you gain from your crash experience?
If you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say?
Do you have any questions for us?
Why should we pick you to be a Crasher? (In 200 words or less)

Check these winners out:

  1. 2015 UP Crash
    2015 Crashers
    (Back Row) Lindsey Benson, Kristi Lordson, Andrea Pepin (Crash Leader), Michelle Maki, Sam Tennyson (Front Row) Alyssa LaLonde, Brittany Buckland, Heather Perkins
  2. 2016 UP Crash
    2016 Crashers
    (Back Row) Nicolas Nastoff, Katie Wilcox, Crystal Porior, Courtney Klitzke, Lindsey Benson (Crash Leader), Andrea Pepin (Crash Leader) (Front Row) Jennifer Launderville, Rachael Strand, Kali Katarincic, Samantha Brown, Heather Perkins (Crash Leader)
  3. 2017 Crashers/Crasher Alum
    2017 Crashers/Crasher Alum
  4. 2018 Crashers
    2018 Crashers
    Back Row (Left to Right): Sara Gearhart, Jennifer Gartland, Samantha Brown (Crash Leader), Katie Wilcox (Crash Leader), Samantha DeCremer Front Row (Left to Right): Jean Haulotte, Brooke Bowden, Megan LaPlante, Alli Theoret
  5. 2018 UP Crash
    2018 UP Crash
    CEO Panel
  6. 2018 UP Crash
    2018 UP Crash
    Banquet Dinner
  7. 2018 UP Crash
    2018 UP Crash
    Breakout Session
  8. 2018 UP Crash
    2018 UP Crash
    Andrea, Sam, Katie
  9. 2018 UP Crash
    2018 UP Crash
    Fundraiser Shirts
  10. 2017 UP Crash
    2017 UP Crash
    Quick Selfie!
  11. 2018 UP Crash
    2018 UP Crash
    Stacie VanDenBerghe & Crew
  12. 2016 UP Crash
    2016 UP Crash
    Themed Gear
  13. 2016 UP Crash
    2016 UP Crash
  14. 2016 UP Crash
    2016 UP Crash
    Rachael, Brittany, Heather